GW Bush: Revised Speeches and Truth from Lies

January 10, 2006

Click here to listen to my audio of George W. Bush struggling to answer the question, “After 911, what was your biggest mistake and what have you learned from it?” during an April 2004 press conference. I subtly rearranged some of his words to reflect a more truthful and accurate description of the American invasion of Iraq and Bush’s mental state. Bush was in freefall during this press conference and I expected (naively, it turns out) that the mainstream media would be talking about it the next day. Sadly, there was not a word. In hindsight, I wonder if Bush was having trouble thinking of ANY mistakes, or if he was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of his grave errors and could not pick the worst.

Here is a short video I made in May 2004, shortly after Bush declared that Iraqis were no longer subject to torture since Saddam Hussein had been toppled and captured. What we know now, given everything that has been revealed since then, proves that Bush was lying through his teeth. As a matter of fact, as the video shows, US soldiers committed “wanton and criminal” acts against Iraqi prisoners (as an Army report stated) and the photos of the abuses at Abu Ghraib had been printed around the world a day or two BEFORE Bush’s radio address. We now know that the Bush regime did not ban torture by American soldiers; they banned CAMERAS in the American prisons.

And, finally, here is some more audio. This is slightly revised from a speech Bush made in December 2005 about American war policy in Iraq. Bush was forced to make a series of speeches about how the war is going in order to get the American sheep back in line with the regime’s plans. Again, I reordered the words slightly to bring it more in line with the truth.

For anyone that is interested in these things, I imported the video and photographs into Final Cut Pro, and edited the film in the timeline with titles.

For the audio clips, I imported the audio of the speeches into Soundtrack Pro using my Sony MiniDisc recorder and a Griffin iMic with a mini plug to USB connection. Then I edited the waveform in the timeline to my liking, exported the audio mix as a .wav file, and re-exported the .wav file as an MP3. (For some reason, Soundtrack Pro will not allow me to export an audio project as an MP3 in one step, so I had to import the .wav into Final Cut Pro, as sound only, then export the .wav as an MP3. There must be an easier way to do this, but I haven’t figured it out yet.)


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