America’s Death Squad Training Going Well in Iraq

February 18, 2006

Earlier this week, news from Iraq that the US has “caught” Shiite death squads in the act of killing their Sunni victims. See an example of the reporting of this story from the BBC.

Something bothered me about this story for days* until I remembered that the US was considering training Iraqi death squads in what Newsweek magazine called the “Salvadoran option” to fight the Sunni insurgency in Iraq, as it had done so ruthlessly in El Salvador and elsewhere since the 1960s.

Perhaps George W. will start adding this to the short list of things the US is doing well in Iraq: reconstruction, installing democracy, bringing the peace, finding weapons of mass destruction, construction of permanent US military bases, and death squads.

(*Point of clarity: Something STILL bothers me about this story.)


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