iPod Video: The Untold Story of Columbia Credit Union

February 24, 2006

I checked out a friend’s video iPod the other day. It seemed pretty cool, but I thought it needed an FM and satellite radio receiver. Sometimes, I am sure, it can be tough to find good stuff to watch on an iPod.

When I got home from work tonight I remembered posting a rough cut of my 2004 documentary, Save CCU: The Untold Story of Columbia Credit Union, on Portland Indymedia. The film is about the grass roots members’ movement that halted the conversion of Columbia Community Credit Union to a bank.

Several changes, including voiceover narration, were made to the video after this version was edited, but the final cut is not presently online. Due to file size limitations at Indymedia the words on the screen are going to be difficult to read. I had to post it in three sections of about 10 minutes each. Here is the link to the video. Click on each of the three camera icons on the next page.

This film was shot in Vancouver, Washington in 2003 and 2004 on a Panasonic DV-953. Transportation was accomplished via the Tri-Met (Portland, Oregon) and C-Tran (Vancouver, Washington) rapid transit systems.


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