Two Worlds

April 5, 2006

A friend from New Orleans told me that she gave notice at her job recently. Friday is her last day as a legal secretary in a law firm there. I didn’t get many details from her, and wouldn’t share them on the Internet anyway, but I thought about it a lot today. To be put in a position to leave your job, being one of the relative few New Orleanians still possessing stable, middle-income employment and a home in a demolished city. Must be a drag.

Here in Portland, I spend too much time craving Spring and Summer, worrying about what a drag public transit is going to be when TriMet carves up the downtown transit mall to install light rail tracks, thinking about what I’m going to do on payday, reading, writing songs.

In my very own country, in a city I have lived in, friends and family of mine (and maybe yours) are living day to day in their city that is on life support. Hundreds of thousands of their former neighbors have left, many for ever. I have done nothing to help, but I watched it on TV for hours and hours.

I am able to write music and lose myself in books and work while my friends and family suffer, while my country is mired in a global criminal act that is about to get worse, while a thousand other things in our culture are terribly wrong. I am, it seems, an American.


2 Responses to “Two Worlds”

  1. emmadonovan Says:

    you are a great writer and i loved this post. i liked how you closed it off. you’re good.

  2. masterpeace Says:

    thank you for my site's very first comment. (and boy it was a good one.)

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