Haiku for the Housefly

April 22, 2006

It was an exciting day around the cabin. The sun was shining and the guitar was out. I strummed on the front porch while Lance the cat chased bugs in the yard. Later I was reading with the front door open when my neighbor’s labrador retriever sauntered in as if he owned the place. Lance didn’t like that and things looked ugly when he got between the dog and the door. Seeing his only chance, the dog bolted for the exit and escaped, but not before taking a parting shot from the cat. He let out a yelp as if to say, “Whoops. Sorry!”

A little while ago I smelled a foul odor which I haven’t experienced since last summer. A flying insect that entered through the newly opened windows had expired on the bulb of the torch lamp in the corner. A puff of smoke rose to the ceiling. I wrote a haiku about it:

Dead bug, spewing smoke
I mourn your sadful passing.
Ain’t that torch lamp hot?


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