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June 27, 2006

a late bus, or maybe I am late.
6pm, trying to get on the 10.
it’s 86 degrees with a breeze.

a dealer on the corner slaps his man’s chest.
you got any blow?
his man says: no, but i’m looking.

buses and dozens pass
a backhoe blocks the middle of the sidewalk.
busy all day, it is idle now.

a man walks by and asks
got a dollar?
his eyes pierce mine as i lie:
no, just bus fare.


Links to Videos

June 10, 2006

Here are the links to some great videos: Frank Caliendo, the world’s greatest impersonator. Here is a hilarious video of wipeouts and falls. 1953 atomic bomb test. The trailer to An Inconvenient Truth, a film about global warming featuring Al Gore. A bunch of cars wrecking in a Russian highway tunnel. Soccer skills is still one of my favorite Internet videos ever. It features balletic foot control and a killer soundtrack. Speaking of ballet, here is video of a martial artist showing off on the street and in the gym. I presume this is Laird Hamilton surfing the world’s biggest wave. Brokeback to the Future movie trailer. The Flying Car is a Japanese anime short film with a made up vocal track laid over it. With students and scientists dreaming up machines like this real-life Transformer, who can doubt that our future will be a lot like the Terminator movies. Miles Davis and John Coltrane team up on the classic jazz tune So What?. John Lennon, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton and Mitch Mitchell perform Lennon’s Yer Blues on Rock and Roll Circus. This 12-year old kid performs an amazing drum solo, proving he is one of the best drummers in the world. Lastly, Loose Change, a hard look at the facts behind 9/11. (This one is over an hour, but well worth the time.)

US Offs Zarqawi

June 8, 2006

With the loss of Zarqawi, a marketing tool for the US war in Iraq, the United States will inevitably have to come up with a replacement for the decedent. I think of Zarqawi as a trademark that is easy for the American target audience to get their heads around. Just like Saddam Hussein before him, Zarqawi was the focus for Western audiences, the “face of evil” in Iraq. In other words, never mind that there are 25 million people just like you and me who live there who would give just about anything but their pride for clean water, electricity, food, and the chance to walk down the street with their children without getting blown to bits by the US Army or their countrymen.

Without Zarqawi (and before him Saddam Hussein) to blame for America’s problems in Iraq, someone new will have to be appointed to fill this role. This will be costly and take time. The war will not “improve” for the Americans now that Zarqawi is gone. The insurgency and resistance will continue to grow because things are so bad there.

The killing of Zarqawi may have been a costly mistake for the Bush administration from a marketing point of view. I can’t help but wonder what level of participation Karl Rove had on the decision to off Zarqawi now. Could it have had anything to do with Bush’s bottomless poll numbers or the embarrasing defeat of his ridiculous attempt over the weekend to revive a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage?