More Videos, Mostly Live Music

July 1, 2006

Here are links to some more videos that I have enjoyed recently: Here is a 1950’s government propaganda film about IBM’s SAGE computer, which the narrator describes as “supersonic, super destructive”. I shudder to think how advanced the surveillance has become over the last 50 years. On a lighter note, here is the B-52s playing Rock Lobster live in 1979. Sonic Youth playing Bull in the Heather live on Letterman. Sleater-Kinney (broken up as of last week) playing Jump live on Letterman. Sleater-Kinney playing Entertain live on the Henry Rollins Show. Elliott Smith (RIP) playing three songs. Star Trek Cribs. REM playing Radio Free Europe live on Letterman in 1983. Fugazi playing Shut the Door at one of their now-classic $5 shows. The original Pink Floyd (with Syd Barrett) playing Flaming live in 1968. Later Pink Floyd (with David Gilmour) playing Careful With That Axe Eugene live circa 1972. That’s all I got for now.


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