Sleater-Kinney RIP

August 6, 2006

Portland’s Sleater-Kinney will give their last performance on August 12 at The Crystal Ballroom. Browsing around the Internet, I found this audio of their August 3, 2006 show at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C. Scoring tickets to the Portland show turned into an adventure when tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes, leaving my friends heartbroken on the sidewalk of West Burnside Street. (By the time they called to say there were no more tickets, I found dozens of them for auction on eBay, selling for over ten times the original price. My friend, J, spent over $200 for two tickets.)

A few days later, to everyone’s relief, except J, a second show was added. Three hours in line got me four tickets, twice through the line, followed by a celebratory burger and fries at Ringler’s downstairs.

Sleater-Kinney gave stellar performances of “Jumpers” and “Entertain” on the Henry Rollins Show. (It is impossible to link straight to the songs and interview because the web designers have all the video embedded in a Flash player. Click on “Video”, “The Henry Rollins Show”, “Musical Performances and Interviews”, then scroll down to the bottom for the S-K stuff.)

Here is an easier to find performance of “Jumpers” on David Letterman.

[Postscript: It was a great show, but I wish I had not gone for the opening band. Also, the tickets J got for $200 on eBay never showed up!]


3 Responses to “Sleater-Kinney RIP”

  1. masterpeace Says:

    I don’t know Carrie Brownstein, but I think I love her.

  2. Morgan Says:

    Hey there, this is a bit random, but if you know anyone who needs Sleater-Kinney tickets, I have two for the very last show on Saturday. I can’t make it, and I’m very sad and bitter about it. But I’d like for someone to get the tickets and enjoy the show.

    The bummer is it’s going to cost $42 to ship with UPS to get them to Portland by Saturday from down here in San Luis Obispo. I’d need to know before tomorrow morning. I’ve got them on ebay here. if you know anyone who’s interested.

  3. masterpeace Says:


    Glad to see you sold the tickets. Even gladder that it looks like you sold them at original price plus shipping. That means two lucky people will be able to go to the show with your tickets for a fair price and they did not go to waste.

    I am sorry that you weren’t able to make it up to PDX for the show.

    As I mentioned, I have kept 2 extra tickets that I plan to lay as a gift on 2 unsuspecting strangers outside the venue before the show.

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