State of the Police State: Fouad Kaady’s Family Fights Back

September 7, 2006

Fouad Kaady was 27 on September 8, 2005 when a gas can in his vehicle exploded, burning him severely. He crashed his car, tore off his clothes, and staggered down the street dazed and confused. Burned flesh fell from his body as stunned witnesses called 911 to summon medical help.

Minutes later, a Sandy, Oregon police officer and a Clackamas County deputy shot Kaady seven times, though witnesses said he was unarmed, naked, badly burned, disoriented, and had not threatened the police officers or attempted to flee the area. The officers had turned back an ambulance that waited in vain to treat the man’s burns.

Neither officer was disciplined and both are still on patrol.

On Tuesday in the federal district court of Oregon, famed litigator Gerry Spence filed a lawsuit on behalf of Fouad Kaady’s family, one year after the tragic event. Here is the link to an article I wrote on the lawsuit. Here is a PDF of the lawsuit.


15 Responses to “State of the Police State: Fouad Kaady’s Family Fights Back”

  1. Maria Says:

    I’m just curious who this above article was published by?

  2. This event has all the earmarks of a deliberate psyop for the media to use to further condition the sheeple public into subservience to the NWO fascist police state. The message is, the police can just kill you for no good reason and you better just accept it and be quiet about it. Do not fall for this mind control conditioning! Read the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights and flex your rights, wake up your friends and family to what is happening and join the InfoWar and RESIST!

  3. terry Says:

    My relatives didn’t serve and die in the military to preserve this country so that our police can harass and harm its citizens.

    I am ashamed to call myself an American after incidents like this.

  4. alCIAda Says:

    You would think they undergo training to better understand a shock victim. He was covered in blood, so they were obligated to have killed him. Which part of “serve and protect” were they instigating?

  5. Mike Says:

    I don’t know what is worse, the cops who murdered this kid, or the cops who covered for the killers. I wish I could investigate myself if accused of a crime. people who assist criminals are charged with accessory after the fact, this whole department should go to jail! PATHETIC.

  6. juan gomez Says:

    I wonder if these cops purposely shot him and killed him because they saw a “camel jockey terrorist”?. Possible racial tension between cops and middle easterners?.

  7. Michael Says:

    I feel horrible my cuisine died this way and I will revenge if I see those cops.

  8. Mark Says:

    I’ve been reading/watching both sides of this story for the past 4 hours tonight. Both sides of this story are so slanted it’s rediculous. Before you chime in investigate both sides. The facts are:
    1. A young man died.
    2. The police over-reacted, were a bit careless, and under-trained
    3. The young man was no saint and was acting in a strange and threatening manner….he ran two cars off the road and was involved with 3 other strange and agressive acts earlier in the day.
    4. Witness accounts vary depending on what side of the story you listen to so read/listen to both sides first.
    5. What happened to the Sandy officer a year later has nothing to do with the case…other than maybe his character and the attitude of law enforcement in Sandy.

  9. masterpeace Says:


    I believe the police were more than a bit careless. In my opinion, their acts were reckless and capricious.

    The victim may have been acting strangely earlier in the day, but when the police showed up he was non-responsive and nearly catatonic until he was tazed in the back. He never had a weapon and never presented a deadly threat to the well-armed officers. He needed emergency medical attention, not seven bullets in the chest. The autopsy proved he had no drugs in his system.

    William Bergin’s DUI arrest one year later has everything to do with his killing of Fouad Kaady. It shows that Bergin is unstable emotionally. It shows that he is being protected by what he himself called the “good old boy” network within Sandy and Clackamas County law enforcement. I do not believe Bergin should be allowed to remain in law enforcement.

    Thanks for commenting.

  10. […] February 12, 2008 Sandy, Oregon police officer William J. Bergin, known for his role in the notorius shooting of 27-year old Fouad Kaady, was arrested for DUI in March 2007.  This front page article from the Sandy Post newspaper tells […]

  11. angels team Says:

    I have had a first hand experience with the Sandy police department on a very different issue; however very uneccesary and excessive force was used against me that caused an injury I received in a car accident to become exemplifie by his actions, far more extreme by the office from this department throwing me around in the back of his vehicle. He drove as if it were on fire and at high speeds with hands cuffed behind me and a bruised unstable spinal cord and internal injuries and a broken vertebrae… He injured me far worse than my original injuries from the accident. I too had my blood tested at a hospital( after serving 9 hours locked up bleeding internally.) that showed no alcohol or drugs. He wrote out tickets that have ruined my life and refused to remove handcuffs as if I were dangerous, I am a girl, and a injured one at that! It took 1 1/2 years to rehab and I am still not 100%. I have heard that today the officer that arrested and injured me has resigned for reasons of other lawsuits filed against him for exccessive force. This whole force is dangerous and the chief needs to be examined carefully for his misguided control of his crew! To shoot a young man who was injured is dispicable, outrageous, if I were on the ambulance cre and I am medical personal I would file a report of maljustice in this case. They were told to stand down due to danger, what danger, a head wound? Paramedics can handle head wound pt.’s The pt. report states Fauod was badly burned and bleeding from the head and torso… why wouldn’t you call in medical personal to start an IV? for fluid loss??? This is a terrible tragedy and I pray for the Kaady family to win this law suit so large that the state revises this department starting at the cheif!!!!!!!!

  12. […] while still employed as a police officer. Bergin is one of the police officers who shot an unarmed Fouad Kaady after Kaady was badly burned in an automobile accident in […]

  13. Georg Pétur Says:

    Sad affair indeed and my heart goes out to the family of the poor kid murderd by the police.

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