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Whatever It Is, I’m Against It

August 14, 2007

This guy is writing some of the finest political satire around today. The tightest and funniest read on life in Bush’s America, usually in under 200 words. Great pictures, too:

Whatever It Is, I’m Against It


1994: Dick Cheney Says Occupying Iraq Would Result in “Quagmire”

August 13, 2007

I just came across this 1994 video from C-SPAN in which Dick Cheney says that invading and occupying Iraq would result in “quagmire”. At the time, he was defending George Bush Sr.’s decision to leave Saddam Hussein standing after the first Iraq War in 1991.

Somewhere along the line, the story changed.

I’d like someone to ask Mr. Cheney when his attitude changed, and why…

Portland Bridge Video

August 4, 2007

Today while looking for rescue from boredom, I put together a quick video of some of Portland’s iconic bridges. (The escape from boredom was partly from trying to keep from crashing my car while collecting these images.)

Was unable to get them all, but here are some quick drivebys of the Fremont, Hawthorne, Broadway and Steel bridges, as well as the tunnel under the West Hills on westbound US 26 on the way home. Though not seen in the video, here is some information about Portland’s Burnside, Morrison, Ross Island, St. Johns, Marquam and Sellwood bridges.

And, just because I liked it, a set of downtown Portland photographs.