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Nedonna Beach Litigation

January 31, 2008

I have been bitching and moaning for a week, but I finally had the experience I was needing out here on the Oregon coast that made (most of) it worth while.

I was dreading going straight to bed after another 13-hour day of preparation and attendance at trial 80 miles from home, so I drove north up the coast from Tillamook after knocking off work at 10pm. I ended up driving to Nedonna Beach, where the property at issue in our trial is located.

Our client has owned a fishing house here for 30 years and also owns a pristine 40-acre preserve at the north end. You can find it just above the residential neighborhood and just below the mouth of the Nehalem River in this map/satellite photo. Here’s another shot of it from a higher altitude and still another from a bit higher.

Even though it was pitch dark, pouring rain sideways and past midnight, I knew the streets because I have accidentally memorized every inch of the land from maps and photographs I have researched dating back to 1858.

There is a beach access at the north end where the beach sits on the other side of a short dune, very near a flat, sandy “parking lot”.

I parked my car and walked toward the dune. It was completely dark and on the way I stepped in several puddles of cold rain water half a foot deep. When I got to the beach I had to face away from the wind as the rain pelted my back with gale force speed. I was soaked within seconds and stood with my legs braced to keep from being blown over.

Suddenly this 2-dimensional abstract legal world I have been living became an unforgettable, 5-dimensional visceral experience.

Tonight, safely back at the Shilo Inn in Tillamook, the rain is slapping the windows and it sounds like someone is vacuuming the hallway outside my room.

(And one last shot from way the hell up here.)


Randy Newman Live at MacWorld

January 19, 2008

On January 15, 2008, Randy Newman played a provocative song called “A Few Words in Defense of Our Country” at Apple’s MacWorld meeting in San Francisco. Eli at Left I on the News added subtitles so you can really see what he’s saying here.