Troubled Oregon Police Officer Arrested for DUI

February 12, 2008

Officer William J. Bergin

Sandy, Oregon police officer William J. Bergin, known for his role in the notorius shooting of 27-year old Fouad Kaady, was arrested for DUI in March 2007. This front page article from the Sandy Post newspaper tells the story. Bergin remains on patrol.

[Update: This article revealed that Bergin resigned from his position with the Sandy Police on October 24, 2008. The first comment to this article pretty much sums up my feelings about the whole thing.]

[Update: Bergin was arrested on November 13, 2008 on charges of felony identity theft, first-degree official misconduct and use of an invalid license. Read the story here.]


17 Responses to “Troubled Oregon Police Officer Arrested for DUI”

  1. Rhonda Honda Says:

    This a case where the City of Sandy (where the Police Chief has hired his own son as an officer) has chosen to support Officer Bergin, not only after he first tasered, then shot and killed the severely injured, burned, and naked Fouad Kaady, and later, when he was arrested for dui, after driving to his girl friend’s house in Sherwood, while packing twice the legal limit of alcohol, as well as three different anti depressant drugs. Now, they are posting threats against a woman who had the courage to use the officer’s own statements and reports, to create a film (“28 Seconds, the Killing of Fouad Kaady,”) which has received high acclaim on You Tube. The film speaks truth to power, and the fine officers of Sandy are upset about that. Go figure. Marcus, the editor of the Sandy Post, has a lot of guts, to print this article, living right down the hall from these “officers.”

  2. catherine Says:

    Last week, Portland Indymedia ran an article detailing the curious downfall of officer William Bergin, the cop who tortured and shot Fouad Kaady to death. Bergin, it seems, was arrested almost a year ago, after drunkenly menacing his former girlfriend at around 3 in the morning on March 8, 2007. I want to make it clear that this incident was a serious one, especially given Bergin’s record as a killer. I would like to know why this man is still working as an officer of the law. More than that, I want to point out that there is a culture of violence, cover-up and dishonesty in the Sandy PD that bears looking into, especially if one is interested in justice for the many people who have suffered violence and injustices at the hands of Sandy police officers and been ignored.

    From the Sherwood police report describing his arrest and subsequent behavior and statements to the police:

    According to Newton’s report: “As I was completing the paperwork for Mr. Bergin asked me if I could just take him to Detox [sic]. He said that he has pulled over plenty of drunken cops and has given them a ride home. I informed him that I had to do my job and that Detox was not an option, he was already arrested. He told me that in Sandy it is still the ‘good old boy’ system and he could just go to Detox or home. I informed him that I had a job to do and it was nothing personal. He told me that he understood and apologized for trying to mess with me. He told me that it was at least worth a shot.”

    The problems in Sandy go much deeper than this one man, and the public should know this. As Bergin himself has stated, there is a “good old boy system” in Sandy, that has caused immeasurable suffering for the people of that town. The Fouad Kaady murder has helped to bring this nest of nasties to light, but Mr. Kaady was not their only victim. For years, the people of Sandy have been telling horrific tales of racism, abuse, persecution, and cover-up.

    This story was broken on Portland Indymedia (not the Sandy Post) by the
    author “Cat,” who made the “28 seconds” video about Bergin’s murder of Kaady. I would suggest going on you tube and watching it.

    Or read more of her article:

  3. BeeJay Says:

    why can we, as citizens, initiate the same process used (all-be-it
    unsuccessfully it appears for now) to have the state’s agency that
    is task with deciding who retains certification 2 undertake through
    investigation of Bergin for his fitness to hold certification…even if
    they simply come back slapping him on the wrist (as we all know
    they’ll do anyway, as “birds of a feather flock together) then we
    keep the “pressure” on him, his Chief of Police, Sandy’s Mayor,
    and the other erstwhile so-called dead-butted “authorities” there
    and keep the matter alive and before the public’s attention. who
    knows how to initiate this process and who’ll undertake to do it?

  4. R. Hamblin Says:

    I am appalled that this man would be allowed to continue to work on the police force. This man killed someone already, for no reason. He tried to cover up what he did. And now, he is caught in the middle of the night, drunk, and breaking into a woman’s home… and he’s still working as a police officer?! How is it that Bernie Giusto is being hung out to dry based on rumors of personal conduct, whereas this man, who committed a real, verifiable CRIME, and actually killed someone to boot, is still a working police officer?

    How corrupt and criminal Sandy must be. Oh, right. In Bergin’s own words: A “good old boy system.”

  5. Raul Holsten Says:

    One of the best ways to fight police abuse is to expose them before they start committing crimes against other citizens, by knowing what to look for.
    A former bad cop named Robert Davis has written a book called COP OUT and he “tells all” about the secret world of bad cops. He also write articles for Authorsden. Some of his writing is very useful, check it out. He “outs” them all.

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  7. Kelly P. Says:

    I agree that something has to be done about the corruption in Sandy! My family has lived here for over 20 years and has seen many victims treated as criminals and criminals treated as kings. As a citizen here, I am very concerned for my future and my children. There has been countless times when my home needed the support and protection of the law and not only was it not provided, we were laughed at. Something has to be done before our beautiful mountain town turns into a mini LA! But I would also like to state that there is still one officer that has always shown respect and have upheld the law! Kevin Way!!!! At least we have him, thank God!

  8. Kelly P. Says:

    Also, I grew up with Bill Bergin and although he shouldnt have been in Sherwood that night drinking and driving, the whole story about Fouad Kaady has not come out! He has always been honest, sweet, and hard working. I think that a lot was put on him because he was a rookie and the sherrif didnt want to get in trouble. I believe that he did what he was told to do without question. Which was wrong. I feel for that mans family, but i have faith in bill. Hes a good man! I think that night was truely tragic. For everyone involved!! Why do you all think he was on so many different anti-depressants! I agree he needs help but please dont hate him!

  9. Just Heard he was Arrested Says:

    “the whole story about Fouad Kaady has not come out! ”

    That’s right. The Sandy police, clackamas county sheriff’s office, and the corporate media (KYLE IBOSHI!) have never told the truth about what happened. They have never apologized for implying that Kaady was “on drugs,” which he wasn’t. They never told the truth about how Bergin tortured Kaady multiple times before shooting him to death.

    No, the truth has not come out.

    I do not hate Bill Bergin. I don’t know him. But I know that what he did was wrong. I know it is time for him to come clean. He needs to be honest, he needs to ask for forgiveness.

  10. […] police department in October, has been arrested for ID theft and official misconduct. Read more here and here. The photo is from his DUI arrest in March 2007, while still employed as a police officer. […]

  11. laura bartlett Says:

    i think its easy for we as human beings to judge others and especially when in a case like this when we will probably never know all of the facts.but what i would like for people to look at is the person and not the behavior… i myself am guilty of judging this person based on the behavior until i have had the honor of getting to know him in the last few months and as a person who has lived a life filled with many mistakes and have too been judged my entire life by my actions, i can only hope to be able to keep my head held as high as bill has and to try harder in the future to not be so critical of others and their past and to appreciate what they are and what is in front of me and to not allow myself to possibly miss a chance again like i almost at becoming friends with someone like bill bergin!!!!

  12. Lola Says:

    I grew up with Bill Bergin, too. And I have to agree with Kelly P. He has always been honest, sweet and hardworking. He hated the idea of even having to draw his gun when responding to a call, let alone actually fire it. He told me he knew cops that went through their whole careers and never had to shoot at anyone and he hoped he’d never have to, either. He refused to hang out with friends if he knew drugs would be involved because he didn’t want to jeapordize his career. The events of the Fouad Kaady shooting were very tragic for all involved. I don’t blame his family for voicing their anger and working so tirelessly to make sure he isn’t forgotten. If this happened to a member of my family, I’d do the same thing. But having known Bill for 16 years now, I firmly believe that he did exactly what he was told to do in the situation. And I know that it has haunted him ever since. Which explains why he turned to drinking and anti-depressants.

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  14. Darlene kelly Says:

    –Vago Family read this –but our Officers would not stand behind crime???let the public know–grants pass oregon -so it seens others in force have problems too….

  15. michael john Says:

    this man has become a great friend of mine. i know what he did was wrong, but hes different now. he is a great man and a great friend.

    • Rachel Says:

      I once knew (and dated) the Bill that it sounds like you know now. I’m glad to hear that he is doing better, and I wish him the best of luck.

  16. Stayfrosty Says:

    I became aware of this from youtube. Was surprised by the officer getting a dui. And he left the force.My brother knew a officer that tasered and killed a guy named robert.He got off the charges. He then was involved in a crash which killed another moterist. He fled the scene (or) left. And drank a bottle of liquor. He was in shock apperntly. The police couldn’t say if he was drunk during the accident. And he got off once again. He did leave the force.Nobody knows if he joined another force. As he doesn’t have no criminal conviction. Mystery? He was a cool cop while even under investigation he drank regularly!!!! Why not huh. He was innocent. He was paid still can’t really blame it on him the stress of those incidents are facters.

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