Devastating Post Mortem on the Vice Presidential Debate and the $700,000 Billion Bailout

October 3, 2008

Bill Moyers

Once again, Bill Moyers interviews a couple of guests on Journal that present a much clearer picture of the events that are so distorted by the mainstream media. Two key ideas I took from this discussion of last night’s vice presidential debate and today’s national mugging by Henry Paulson were these:

  • Sarah Palin got a free pass in the debate. The rules said that each candidate had 90 seconds to respond, with no followups and no questions from the other candidate. Palin, or virtually anyone, with training, can answer a series of basic policy questions with 90 seconds worth of catchphrases, code words and talking points. The reason Palin got tangled up with Katie Couric was because Couric could ask any question she wanted and follow up on the same topic two or three times for more detail.
  • The same senators and congresspersons that just robbed every single person in the US of several grand apiece, to be paid with interest forever, are now in their various planes, helicopters and limousines on their way back home to tell us how important it is to send them back to Washington for another term.

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