The Anger Management-Challenged

October 5, 2008

I was taking a hike on the Wildwood Trail from the Oregon Zoo to Pittock Mansion between Saturday afternoon rain showers when I came up behind a man and woman in their 50s. As I prepared to pass them on a long uphill section of the trail, a woman came down the hill behind her smiling, spastic, unleashed Border Collie.

When the dog trotted by the man and woman in front of me, the woman in the pair suddenly stabbed at the dog with her open umbrella and screamed, “GET AWAY!!” The dog yelped and whimpered and flailed off the trail into some bushes before regaining its balance and looking back with a “what-the-hell- just-happened?” kind of look.

There was a brief exchange between the dog’s owner (“She wasn’t going to hurt you! You shouldn’t hit a dog with a sharp object!”) and the other woman (“Dogs are supposed to be on leashes!”).

So, trying to keep up my pace and get out of the vicinity of these people and back to my meditation, I prepared to go around the three of them when the man with the umbrella woman screamed, at top volume, in all caps, “YOUR DOG IS SUPPOSED TO BE ON A LEASH!!! CAN’T YOU READ THE SIGNS OR ARE YOU BLIND, YOU STUPID BITCH!!??”

What is wrong with people?


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