Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension

November 6, 2008

Watch this fascinating NOVA program on fractals. For numerous reasons, I am unable to write a decent description of fractals at the present time, other than to say that they are the most beautiful geometric shapes yet discovered by man. Today, fractal mathematics is responsible for radical innovations in science, communications, health care, entertainment, and so on. Many scientists believe that fractals are the secret to understanding the complex nature of space, time and life in our universe. Here is an earlier post on the subject from a couple of years ago.

You can watch Hunting the Hidden Dimension in five short chapters by clicking on these links: Fractal Basics, the Mandelbrot Set, On the Defense, Fractals in the Body, and Nature’s Fractal Nature.


2 Responses to “Fractals: Hunting the Hidden Dimension”

  1. Fractals are (?almost?) always generated via an iterative process.

    They are quite attractive.

    My favorite screensaver has pretty much always been IFS, which is a dancing series of Julia sets.

  2. Nova is awesome. I remember even loving it as a child, and its been great having it back again. On top of the fractal piece from last week, they did a great one on Homo Floresiensis this week. I wrote about it here…

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