Oregon Ex-Cop Arrested for ID Theft and Official Misconduct

November 14, 2008

William Bergin, a former police officer who resigned from the Sandy, Oregon police department in October, has been arrested for ID theft and official misconduct. Bergin was arrested for DUI in March 2007, while he was still employed as a police officer. He is one of two officers who shot an unarmed Fouad Kaady after Kaady was badly burned and disoriented in an automobile accident in 2005.

[Update: The news on Saturday is that Bergin was ensnared in the misconduct investigation of Clackamas County deputy Brandon Claggett, who resigned in October after being accused of “inappropriately touching” a teenager and other crimes. Bergin has been accused of stealing driver licenses while on duty and giving them to a friend so underage kids could obtain alcohol.]


One Response to “Oregon Ex-Cop Arrested for ID Theft and Official Misconduct”

  1. masterpeace Says:

    Describing his officer in February 2008, after Bergin had killed a defenseless burn victim in 2005 and been convicted of DUI in 2006 after terrorizing his ex-girlfriend while wasted, Sandy Police Chief Harold Skelton said he was “100 percent fit for duty, stable and positive”. Does this raise a question about the Chief’s judgment? Or is it his honesty?

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