He’s Not Too Bright

December 19, 2008

A real live bomb exploded in a bank near Portland last week, killing an Oregon State Police bomb specialist and a Woodburn, Oregon police captain. It also took a leg from the Woodburn police chief and injured a bank employee.

Arrested for the crime in quick succession were Joshua Turnidge, 32, and his father Bruce, 57.

A probable cause affidavit details what led the OSP to Joshua Turnidge after he was alleged to have been seen on a security camera purchasing cell phones and paint used in the bomb. Police quickly arrested the father after searching his farm and finding items they say link him to the crime.

The wife of a friend of the younger Turnidge told the media she doubts he could be responsible. “He’s just a stupid boy,” she said. “It’s certainly hard for me to comprehend him being able to build a bomb. He’s not very bright.”

In a sad twist, bomb experts from around the country have questioned the OSP trooper’s decision to move the bomb after determining that it was a hoax device.

[Update: Click here for a copy of the indictment against the Turnidges.]


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