Who Needs a Teleprompter?

January 7, 2009

I just watched New York Governor David Patterson give his first State of the State address since taking office after former governor Eliot Spitzer resigned for being caught patronizing high-priced hookers. To quote George Costanza, Governor Patterson was boppin’ and riffin’ for the entire thing. It was remarkable to watch him give a detailed, impassioned and often hilarious address about the state of affairs in the state of New York. He never missed a beat even though he had no teleprompter displaying the text of a speech. And even if there had been a teleprompter in front of the governor, he would not have been able to use it. He’s blind.

He often held his hands behind his back or clasped in front of him, but occasionally would put them behind the ledge of the podium. Is it possible he had some kind of scrolling braille notes on the podium?

This guy is a natural.


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