Portland to Lake Tahoe

July 4, 2009

Working with all the photos I took during a recent amazing road trip from Portland to Lake Tahoe, California to visit family has proven a challenge. Finding time to transfer them from the camera card to the computer and share some around has been a bigger obstacle than I expected. In an effort to break the inertia, I hope to split them up in small chunks by subject and get them up over the next few days. A second 93-degree day in a row played a supporting role by keeping me close to home.

As a first installment, here are some photos taken quickly during the drive south, which I accomplished in a 12-hour push on June 21, traveling south from Portland on I-5 and taking a left at Mt. Shasta, then heading through Lassen National Forest and Susanville. Summer solstice is a good day to cover a lot of geography since it’s the longest day of the year. Apart from a few brief stops for gas/food/restroom/photos (and to pick sage on the side of the highway), it was all gas.

I was unable to get a decent photo of 14,000-foot Mt. Shasta from the car at 70 miles per hour, but I got this one of Mount Lassen. You can make out the distant peak through the trees.

Mount Lassen from Car

Mount Lassen from Car

I found a viewpoint of Lassen a few miles later and stopped to snap a pic and stretch the legs.

Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen

The highway from I-5 to Susanville has many different moods. I was in such a hurry to keep moving toward my destination that I snapped a few photos from the car.

Distant Storm Brewing

There was a storm off in the distance for many miles. Storm clouds on an otherwise sunny afternoon did wild things with the light.

Clouds over Mountain

Coming next: A hike around Lake Tahoe and an attack by ferocious chipmunks.


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