Natural Brutality

July 28, 2009

I passed a sign displaying the time and temperature on the way home from dinner tonight. It was 95 degrees in Portland after 10pm. The high temperature today was 105. This is ice cold shower and sit around (as) naked (as possible) weather.

While I was passing through Washington Park, a squirrel jumped from the brush along the road into the beam of my headlights. Before I could worry whether it would get out of the way, a coyote bounded out of the woods and captured the squirrel in its jaws before crossing the road and disappearing.

At home in my scorching cottage, all of the windows are open. A few minutes ago I began to hear a barely perceptible vibration coming from an indeterminate source. It started and stopped every few seconds. As soon as I noticed it, the sound began to grow even more faint.

When I investigated further, I found it was a housefly caught in a small web a spider has built in the corner of one of my living room windows. The fly was flapping its wings in a vain attempt to escape the trap while the spider patiently wrapped it in a web cocoon. As the cinching became more complete, the sound died out altogether and the fly was transformed from living creature to meal-in-waiting..


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