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An Elk from the Elks

January 30, 2010

Along the lovely Terwilliger Parkway (sat map / topo map) in SW Portland, a 3.5 mile walk along a bluff above the Willamette River, one passes the Casey Eye Institute, a charitable eyecare provider for children which has been sponsored by the Oregon chapter of the Elks Club since 1949. It’s right next door to the Portland Shriner’s Hospital for Children.

Out front there is this great bronze statue of an elk in brief repose. (Click for larger version.)


Tegan and Sara Video Archive

January 16, 2010

Tegan and Sara are twin sisters from Canada that write and perform some amazing songs. Here are some of them:

Hell (live, acoustic)

Walking With A Ghost (live, acoustic)

The Cure (live, acoustic)

You Wouldn’t Like Me & Walking With a Ghost (live, in-store promo)

Back in Your Head (live, acoustic)

I Won’t Be Left

The Producers

January 1, 2010

A series of coincidences led me today to search the Internets for one of my favorite bands of the 1980s: The Producers, of Atlanta, GA. (Wiki entry.) I spun their albums endlessly and still have a couple of them on the original vinyl from nigh on 30 years ago. I understand they occasionally still tour the South and I would check them out again in a minute if I have a chance. Here are some of their videos I was able to find on YouTube:

Certain Kinda Girl

She Sheila

What’s He Got

Breakaway (Live on MTV’s New Years Eve Rock and Rock Ball, 1982/1983

Lucy (Fan video)

More on Snowpocalypse 2009

January 1, 2010

Aftershocks from the chaos of Snowpocalypse 2009 continue to rumble through Portland as the media reviews the gridlock caused by Tuesday’s unexpected rush hour snowfall. My own ruminations on what would happen in this city, with these leaders, if there were a true disaster such as an earthquake leave me uneasy, as does the feeling that this is all a metaphor for the situation we are in in the world. The endless head cold from hell continues, but the delirium seems over and all colds have to end sometime don’t they? At least 2009 is over and I’ve got 3 days off to regain my energy.